Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How to write a descriptive paragraph

How to write a descriptive paragraph

  • Collect information

What is a descriptive paragraph?
What would one look like?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What's in a name? #7

Quiz ? #7 
What's in a name?

       Write down your full name and anything you know about your name.

  • How did you come to be named?
  • Who made the decision on your official name?
  • What nicknames do you have? Who gave them to you and why?

Hope Elizabeth Everts

I was named by my father.  Actually, my parents were going to name me Kami (Ka-from my sister Kari's name and mi from my sister Jami's name).  However, my dad when he was in the Air force babysat for a woman who named her daughter Hope Elizabeth and my dad always liked it.  So my mom went along with it.  I have had a few nick names.  Biz, which is short for Elizabeth. My life long friend, Katie, use to call me Hope I (not sure why, she just did).  I have a friend from collage whom I ran track with, Sarah, and Mrs. Ellsworth's husbands who calls me Hopers.  I have had a few teachers call me Hopey.  I have had people ask me if I have 2 sisters. And of course I have to say yes and then they ask me if their names are Faith and Charity-there is an old saying...Faith, Hope and Charity.  Now about my last maiden name...Papworth (English).  I am extremely proud of being a Papworth. I loved that my old initials H.P. were the same as my fathers.  The Papworth's are intelligent and hard working and I wanted and still want to live up to the name.  In addition, I later found out about our family history business.

* When I got married I purchased a piece of Papworth leather for my husband as his wedding gift. Then I became an Everts (German and Dutch). The Everts have integrity and are also hard working.  I am proud to be an Everts and have my children be Everts.  

Research about your name.


√ Check Homework

Share your name story with a partner

Class discussion:

  • What do names tell us about people?
  • How are names a part of peoples history?

What was special about Stanley's name?


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Point Of View

  • Look at character chart.

  • Pass out & go over quiz answers

  • Point of View Lesson

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Quiz Chapter 4 & 5


  • Use a Pencil
  • Name at the top Fist & Last
  • Read each question and all the answers
  • Choose the best answer 
  • You may use your notes
  • We will go over answers

Chapter 4 and 5

Define: Juvenile Correctional Facility

Read Chapter 4 and take Cornell Notes

Read Chapter 5 and take Cornell Notes

*As you meet new characters create a Character Chart for them in your Writing about Reading section.  

Quiz on chapters 4 & 5
      ***Take good notes***

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Anticipatory Activity/Predictions

Anticipatory Activity 

  • Group of 4
  • Paper x 2 folded in 1/2 
  • Word on left
    • Friendly
  • Words on right
    • words that mean the same thing
  • Word on left
    • Tough 
  • Words on right
    • words that mean the same thing

  • Pass out Predictive Questions

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

SRI of Holes & of Yourselves

Lexile -What does it mean??

What is the Lexile of HOLES by Louis Sachar?


What is YOUR Lexile?

Take out your Readers Notebook and open to the back cover. At the top with a Sharpie write down the date...

June 2015- Lexile was...

At the bottom write..
My goal is the have a Lexile of (50 more than yours now) by December.

***The goal is to have a students Lexile improve around 100 points in 1 school year.

Is the book HOLES the right book for you??

Read Chapter 2 & 3 and create a character chart for Stanley (it must have one character trait and one example to support that trait). Use the worksheet passes out from previous lesson.

Chapter 1

-Read Chapter 1 Aloud

-Pass out books
(write down number of book next to students name on list)

Reread Chapter 1 and sketch the scene.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Holes-Introduce Characters & Read Aloud Chapter 1


Character Traits-describe the character on the inside
(write in notebook)

Character Traits are found on the inside of the character and are different from the physical traits which describe the outside of the character.

Different Types of Character Traits

Read list and circle 2 that describe you...
The 2 I picked for myself are...
Anyone want to share theirs...

Highlight one word that you DON'T know what it means...Homework...put word in glossary and define it.

Make Chart In Our Notebook- 
                   Writing About Reading Sections