Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What's in a name? #7

Quiz ? #7 
What's in a name?

       Write down your full name and anything you know about your name.

  • How did you come to be named?
  • Who made the decision on your official name?
  • What nicknames do you have? Who gave them to you and why?

Hope Elizabeth Everts

I was named by my father.  Actually, my parents were going to name me Kami (Ka-from my sister Kari's name and mi from my sister Jami's name).  However, my dad when he was in the Air force babysat for a woman who named her daughter Hope Elizabeth and my dad always liked it.  So my mom went along with it.  I have had a few nick names.  Biz, which is short for Elizabeth. My life long friend, Katie, use to call me Hope I (not sure why, she just did).  I have a friend from collage whom I ran track with, Sarah, and Mrs. Ellsworth's husbands who calls me Hopers.  I have had a few teachers call me Hopey.  I have had people ask me if I have 2 sisters. And of course I have to say yes and then they ask me if their names are Faith and Charity-there is an old saying...Faith, Hope and Charity.  Now about my last name...my maiden name...Papworth (English).  I am extremely proud of being a Papworth. I loved that my old initials H.P. were the same as my fathers.  The Papworth's are intelligent and hard working and I wanted and still want to live up to the name.  In addition, I later found out about our family history business.

* When I got married I purchased a piece of Papworth leather for my husband as his wedding gift. Then I became an Everts (German and Dutch). The Everts have integrity and are also hard working.  I am proud to be an Everts and have my children be Everts.  

Research about your name.


√ Check Homework

Share your name story with a partner

Class discussion:

  • What do names tell us about people?
  • How are names a part of peoples history?

What was special about Stanley's name?


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